Burnt Bonnie, more known as Bonnieis an antagonist in Final Nights 2: Sins of the Father and Final Nights 4. He is the burnt and malformed version of Withered Bonnie.

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Burnt Bonnie is the most damaged of all animatronics in Final Nights 2. He is based on Bonnie from Five Nights at Freddy's 2 as he features a mess of torn wires spilling out of his left shoulder as his left arm is absent. These wires are absent on Burnt Bonnie. He is missing his entire head, leaving his endoskeleton neck visible. He is missing his left leg from the knee down along with a large rip on the back of his left thigh. All of his right arm is absent besides half of his upper arm with a rip on it revealing some of that broken limb segment's endoskeleton frame. It is unknown how Bonnie is still active.

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Burnt Bonnie behaves like Burnt Freddy, only he is slower and goes through the right vent. You must seal the vent to ward him off, or else he will jumpscare the player, jumping and slamming his body onto you. Despite lacking a head and arms, Burnt Bonnie is capable of moving using his only leg to push his body around.


Burnt Bonnie only appears slumped over in investigation 2. He doesn’t do anything to the player at all, and the player simply uses the crank on him, freeing him. He is the first freeable animatronic you encounter.

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FN4: Edit

"Just leave him be, he's sad."

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Trivia Edit

  • Despite Foxy usually being the damaged animatronic, Burnt Bonnie is the most damaged one.
  • Burnt Bonnie is based on Withered Bonnie.
  • He is the only animatronic that jumpscares without a head.
  • In Final Nights 4: Fates Entwined, Burnt Bonnie is the only animatronic that doesn't jumpscare the player while being involved in gameplay, along with Burnt Foxy, although you make no interaction with Burnt Foxy.
  • Although lacking a head, Bonnie is surprisingly able to be active and navigate throughout the house without any issue.
  • Lacking arms and head, Bonnie is still able to kill the guard by slamming his exposed endoskeleton neck piece into him. Possibly injuring the guard and then leaves him to bleed to his death or Bonnie tends to hit the guard in an area that kills him.
    • Both are possible reasons the guard dies by Bonnie.