Burnt Freddy, is an antagonist in Final Nights 2: Sins of the Father and Final Nights 4: Fates Entwined. He is the burnt version of Withered Freddy after Fredbear's Family Diner burnt down in 1992.

Apearance Edit

Burnt Freddy is a carbonized edition of Withered Freddy. He is a rusty and badly burned bear with a top hat and a bow tie, with 2 buttons on his chest. He has a large hole in the left side of his head, revealing part of his endoskeleton head. He also lacks eyes, left arm, right hand and both feet. His Final Nights 2 form lacks his right shin, hence he resorts to crawling, but he restores it in some way in the Final Nights 4 version. 

Behavior Edit

FN2 Edit

Burnt Freddy is a very simple enemy. He goes through the left vent, signified by banging sounds, and the player must seal off the vent to make him back off.

Failing to do so results in him killing you. He also attacks the Fireman in the cutscene.

FN 4 Edit

Rebuilt Burnt Freddy is active on investigation 2, and is the least active animatronic, only appearing in a cutscene and a minigame.

He appears in the house cutscene, in which Max has gone up to the door. He stares down Max, walking back and then kicking the door open., and then dragging Max into the house. Then, when Max is upstairs in the office, the Freddy minigame begins. Freddy will be slumped over at the window. Then, soft music will play, and he will stand. His jaw appears to be broken, as he slumps his head yet his jaw stays straight. He will then slowly wander to you. You have to jar the hand crank into his jaw to reset him whilst keeping Chica out of the room. If you do this enough times, you free the soul inside Freddy. Failure to free him will have him jumpscare you when you hide from Chica.

After freeing both him and Chica, Max takes Burnt Freddy outside and burns him in front of the Puppet Master.

Trivia Edit

  • Burnt Freddy's head is so badly burnt that there are holes where his eyes should be. He also has no feet and he only crawls, until FN4 where he fixes himself enough to stand
  • He is based of Withered Freddy from FNaF 2.
  • While the trailer shows Freddy running to the door, he actually just walks to it.
  • It is presumed that he pulls Max inside the house after kicking the door in. Given a lack of hands, this must be an oversight or Freddy has the strength to pull with one arm, most likely wrapping his arm around.
  • He can be seen in a window, just staring at Max.
  • Sirens can be heard before Freddy kicks the door. While it is unknown why, it could possibly be an alarm set inside the house when William Afton lived there so he knew when they activated.
  • Due to the lack of eyes, Freddy is still surprisingly able to see Max through the door's mail slot in the Investigation 2 Cut-scene in FN4.
    • He is also able to drag Max into the house despite not having hands, althought it is possible it he is using his own mouth for this.
  • He is the only burnt animatronic to share the footstep sound effects with the springlock animatronics.

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