Final Nights
Game Information
Platform(s) Windows
Engine Unreal Engine
Developer LiamJoly and others
Genre Point-N-Click
Theme Horror
Release Date(s) February 8, 2016
Download Gamejolt
Final Nights is the first game of the Final Nights series. There are two parts of gameplay. The first one is the introduction stage or the Prologue. The last one is the ending stage or the Epilogue.

Final Nights has only three animatronics, all with mysterious purposes in the Final Nights lore. A remake is in the process of being made.


The player is Mike Schmidt starting off his daily nightshift at Freddy Fazbears Pizza. He then loses all his power, which enables Freddy Fazbear to appear at his door playing his jingle.

Schmidt is almost grabbed and killed by Freddy. When he turns around to look at Freddy; now standing still, a mysterious entity called the Brother emerges from Freddy, and Schmidt turns to flee to his house.

When Schmidt arrives at his home, he implies that something isn't right. It confirms the Brother has followed him home.

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 5.19.39 pm

A screenshot of the kitchen cupboard.

The player has to scare away the Brother when he emerges from the doors, cupboard or the Television. To navigate around the Living Room, the player can use the W A S D to scare the Brother away. When the player completes the prologue, the Brother will give Schmidt a vision of itself zooming towards the screen.

The prologue will end with Schmidt walking to the entrance of his house.


Upon entering the building Mike must find his way throughout the building encountering the powered down FNaF 1 animatronics. Later Springtrap is seen, if Mike is not looking at him he will slide towards him and kill him, soon after Fredbear could be seen in the rafters, if in the rafters Mike can flash the rafters and he'll go away, or if his big head is seen by Mike, he will jumpscare you. After a complex series of objectives, the place will explode. Upon finding his way to the main door, Mike is greeted by Fredbear and the brother. Ultimately ends with Mike getting bit by Fredbear.


  • The Brother resembles the Puppet.
  • The song that is played in the trailer is the non 8-bit version of My Grandfather's Clock.
  • The Bedroom in the trailer isn't seen in gameplay.

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