Final Nights: Redux
Game Information
Platform(s) Windows 7 64-Bit
Engine Unreal Engine 4
Developer LiamJoly, Flutter_Skye, Kenan89, Willsvids, AbsentedTangent
Genre Action
Theme Horror
Release Date(s) TBA
Final Nights: Redux is the remade and reimagined version of the original Final Nights game. It is a point-and-click horror game made in Unreal Engine and is developed by LiamJoly.


ring ring, Hey pal, you got the job! Congratulations! See you at 12.

You are Mike Schmidt, shortly after being promoted from a nightguard to a "technician assistant". Your job is to go into the old Freddy Fazbear's building that's been abandoned for over 6 years and disable the still roaming animatronics.

But things are not as they seem, something has followed you home, and it's almost as if it's trying to tell you something, but what?

— Summary of the game.