Final Nights 3: Nightmares Awaken
Game Information
Platform(s) Windows 7 64-Bit
Engine Unreal Engine 4
Developer LiamJoly, Flutter_Sky, Kenan89, Willsvids, AbsentedTangent
Genre Action
Theme Horror
Release Date(s) 6/14/16 (Demo)
Final Nights 3: Nightmares Awaken or is just simply known as Final Nights 3 is the third game in the series, and is a point-and-click survival horror game made in Unreal Engine 4 by LiamJoly. It was originally intended to be the final game in the series, until JeliLiam released Final Nights 4: Fates Entwined.

The plot of the game follows the Bite of '87 from Five Nights at Freddy's 4.


Sleep tight.

Doctor, we've got some news about the patient that was taken into intensive care recently. He seems to walk around his room at night, as if he is seeing things. Pretending to use a flashlight and screaming.

We're not sure if the loss of his frontal lobe has any influence on this behaviour.

— Summary of the game.


When the player starts the game, they will be greeted by an introduction cutscene; followed by the Fredbear Plush advising the player on what they should do throughout the night.

The player starts off each night in their bed. They can choose to sleep in the bed for a certain l evel of time, or they can proceed to defend themselves by clicking on the floor. There are Reaper animatronics that the player has to defend themselves from. Reaper Puppet is a simple animatronic to defend against, as he will wait for a while before he attempts to attack the player. If the player happens to capture the Reaper Puppet in his third (And last) position, the player must go and close the curtains to ward Reaper Puppet away.

This is the same case for Reaper Spring Bonnie, except that it is vital to listening for his three moans and that he resides in the Hospital Hallway. When the player hears the third moan - like the Reaper Puppet - the player should go to the door and close it.Reaper BB resides in the "Closet" in the Hospital Ward. He is easily defended by checking if his long arm is extending out, and by closing the cabinet's door.



Night 1

Hello! It's Me! Your best friend. Use these tips to survive.

1. Sleep to progress.

2. No sleeping when Reapers are in the room.

3. Close door when puppet man is closest.

4. Close door when my friend is closest.

5. Close closet.

Sleep tight. Your time is not up.


— Fredbear

Night 2

Their aggression rises....

— Fredbear

Night 3

What crawls in the vents does not like to be seen.

The noise of a rising temperature can scare it.

— Fredbear

Night 4

My doppelganger approaches

When he approaches the hallway window, shine your light at his side

But be careful, he may trick you

Check the hallway window to always be sure.

— Fredbear

Night 5

Join us Join us Join us Join us Join us Join us Join us Join us Join us ...Etc.

— Fredbear


  • Final Nights 3 was put on a long hiatus until the 26th of August, 2016.


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