Oh, wow. This place really burned down fast.

The Fireman is a minor human character in the Final Nights series. He only appears in Final Nights 2, during the very first cutscene. It is determined that he works for the Fire Department.

History Edit

Not much is known about his history, other than the fact that he once tried to put out the fire of Fredbear & Friends. The Fireman implies that it was a big fire before getting called at by a man within the darkness (Most likely another Firefighter). But, the Fireman soon spots Burnt Freddy lying on the ground.

When he goes down to inspect the animatronic, Burnt Freddy jumpscares him. His fate is unknown.

Dialogue Edit

  • Oh, wow. This place really burnt down fast. - Reacting to Fredbear's burning
  • What? I can't hear you! - Responding to the other fireman
  • Hey guy, over here! I found something! - Upon finding Burnt Freddy
  • Um.... Uh... AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH - Getting attacked by Burnt Freddy