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Fredbear Plush
Character Information
Known as Fredbear
Fredbear Plush
Species Bear Plush
Color Yellow
First appearance Before Night 1 or any other night.
The Fredbear Plush is the advisor in Final Nights 3: Nightmares Awaken. He is known as the player's "friend", as the player is in the point-of-view of a child.

Dialogue Edit

Night 1

Hello, it's me! Your best friend! To survive, use these tips!

1. You must sleep to progress.

2. No sleeping if Reapers are in.

3. Scare away puppet man when he is closest!

4. Close closet!

5. Close door when my friend is closest!

Sleep Tight. Your time is not up!


— Fredbear

Night 2

Their aggression rises.

— Fredbear

Night 3

What crawls in the vents does not like to be seen. The noise of a rising temperature can scare it.

— Fredbear

Night 4

My doppelganger approaches.

When he approaches the hallway window, shine your light at his side.

But be careful, he may trick you.

Check the hallway window to always be sure.

— Fredbear

Night 5

joinusjoinusjoinusjoinus (This is repeated.)

— Fredbear

Final Nights 4: Fates Entwined Edit

The Frebear Plush appears in Investigation 4, in 2 forms. The first serves as Reaper Golden Freddy's mechanic, in which plushies will appear in the Hospital Bedroom, and Max must shine his light on them to remove them or else Reaper Golden Freddy will jumpscare him. The second form is the Plush from Final Nights 3, with the soul of the Brother's Mother, and Max is ordered by the Puppet Master to burn the plush in order to free her, which he does.

Trivia Edit

  • The Fredbear Plush appeared in the core series' Five Nights at Freddy's 4.
  • It appears to act much like Phone Guy.
  • The Fredbear Plush behaves similar to the Fredbear plush in FNAF 4, as it tends to help the player before the beginning of every night, similar mechanic back in FNAF 4.
  • The Plush is actually possessed by the Brother's Mother, which explains the note that appears before starting Night 5, where she asks the Brother to join her and his sister.

Tips Edit

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