G_BB (Glitched Balloon Boy) is the secondary antagonist in Final Nights 2: Sins of the Father.

Appearance Edit

G_BB is a glitched animatronic. He has the shape of Balloon Boy, but he has a glowing face (like the two Shadow animatronics) and flashes too many colors very quickly. He also seems to glitch out easily, hence its style and name. He is also the least withered animatronic in the game. G_BB's colors are almost like a rainbow, but sears your eyes easier.

Behavior Edit

G_BB appears in Night 5 and beyond. G_BB emits a distorted version of Balloon Boy's laugh, and he will go through the left vent. Seal it instantly when he appears in the vent. If one fails to seal the vent, he will not jumpscare you, but rather he will appear in your office, and laugh. He will slowly break all your cameras one by one, including the vent cameras, which allows Shadow Fredbear and Shadow Spring Bonnie be more hard to predict.

Trivia Edit

  • G_BB's laugh is a edited version of his core variant's laugh in FnaF 2.
    • G_BB is the only animatronic in the game not to jumpscare the player. This is also the case with his core version appeared in FnaF 2.
  • G_BB is very dangerous and likely to be a hazard when looked directly. It is advised not to look at him when you have seizure/epilepsy problems.
  • G_BB is somehow the only one to Change color.
  • G_BB doesn't have a sign and balloon like his counterpart from FNaF 2.
  • G_BB's model was made by sab.

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