Grimm Chica is a primary antagonist in Final Nights 3: Nightmares Awaken. Unlike others, she is not a Reaper Animatronic.


Grimm Chica holds a strong appearance to the springlock suit on the poster in the Night 3 cutscene, but her faceplates are very hard to spot, and she is almost entirely purple. The glowing accents inside of her resemble a human corpse. She lacks a bib unlike the original Chica. Her overall body is very slim like the original Toy Chica, except for the hips, which appear to be much wider, and she lacks shoulders or upper-arms with her forearms protruding from her armpits.


During Night 5, Grimm Chica will start in the hall. She is normally safe to leave. When Chica flashes on the player's screen, they must fix the springlocks. Failing to do so will result in a jumpscare.


  • Like Grimm Fredbear, Grimm Chica shows the head of the body inside during the final frames of her jumpscare. It resembles a corpse's head.
    • She also shares the same jumpscare sound as Reaper Toy Chica.
  • Whenever the player fixes the springlocks, Chica will say "Thank You" in reverse.
  • Grimm Chica is based off of the Spring-lock suit you're stuck in on Night 4 in FNaF:SL.

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