Grimm Fredbear is found on Night 5 in the left hallway.

Appearance Edit

Grimm Fredbear resembles that of Fredbear only with his suit glowing a deep purple color while the interior of the suit glows a bright white. His upper-face appears to be torn off including his eyes, leaving an empty hollow gaping hole in its place. The inside of the mask, though it appears like there is nothing inside, actually conceals a white, pale human head that can only be seen during his jumpscare.

Behavior Edit

In a way, he behaves similarly to Grimm Chica. He starts in the left hallway, with two springlocks that need to be wound. When you hear a clicking sound from the left side of the hallway, go to Grim Fredbear and click the glowing orbs to wind the springlocks. You will be notified via audio cues when it is necessary to wind them.

Trivia Edit

  • In the museum, JeliLiam said he wouldn't include a Fredbear in this game, although he was still included in this one.