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Puppet Master and Puppets is an antagonist in Final Nights 4. He is the original version of the Puppet Master and Puppets that Max Donovan encountered in his first investigation, and possibly the very first model of the Puppet.

Appearance Edit

The Puppet Master seems to share the same appearance of his 2017 counterpart, but with more resemblance to the actual Puppet. He also has tear tracks and his paint is cleaner and more refined. In the museum, The Puppet Master (or The Marionette, or The Puppet), is shiner and looking at his BB Puppet, and not looking at his JJ Puppet. In teaser 3, he is holding up the BB and JJ puppets up, and revealing his face, and the text saying "The show will begin momentarily".

Behaviour Edit

Puppet Master will start moving on Night 2. He starts in the Puppet Corner, and will move to certain rooms upon activating. He makes a special noise when he switches rooms, unlike Fredbear and Spring Bonnie, and he also does not move on camera. Like Foxy from the original Five Nights At Freddy's and Funtime Foxy from Sister Location, you have to keep an eye on Puppet Master to slow him down. If you do not watch him, he will kill you, instantly, also his Puppets will kill you.

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