Close the door when my friend is closest.
— Fredbear Plush referencing Reaper Spring Bonnie

Reaper Spring Bonnie is one of the reaper antagonists in Final Nights 3: Nightmares Awaken. He is referred to by the Fredbear Plush as "my friend"; possibly because that the original Fredbear entertains side-by-side Spring Bonnie. Like the others in Final Nights 3, he is a Reaper Animatronic.

Reaper Spring Bonnie returns in the fourth and final game in the series, Final Nights 4: Fates Entwined.


Reaper Spring Bonnie appears to look like his original counterpart. Except that he has sharp teeth and a very damaged and withered body.

His suit is dark yellow in color. He sports a big, purple bow tie upon his upper chest. Like other Reaper Animatronics, Reaper Spring Bonnie has one pair of hollow, dark eyes.

In Final Nights 4, his appearance is more disfigured and macabre, with sharper claws, sharper teeth, a different jaw, protrusions from his shoulder pads resembling fungi, and a gooier appearance overall.


Final Nights 3: Nightmares Awaken

Reaper Spring Bonnie doesn't appear until later throughout the night. He will start off the night down the Hospital Hallway in the darkness. The player should listen for his deep moans, which signify every move Reaper Spring Bonnie does.

If the player hears one of Reaper Spring Bonnie's moans, they should come to the Hospital Hallway and shine the flashlight at Reaper Spring Bonnie (This works only in his first and second stages). When Reaper Spring Bonnie moans the third time, the player will then see him silhouetted in the doorway. The player must then go to the door and close it or else Reaper Spring Bonnie will come in and jumpscare you.

Final Nights 4: Fates Entwined

Reaper Spring Bonnie (referred to in the museum as just Reaper Bonnie) appears in Investigation 4. He, along with Reaper BB, Reaper Puppet, Reaper Mangle and Reaper Golden Freddy attack Max Donovan in the Hospital bedroom. His behavior is the same as in Final Nights 3: The player will hear him moan, and they must run up to the door and use the flashlight to scare him away.


  • Reaper Spring Bonnie is seen towards the end of the Final Nights 3 part of the trailer before the Final Nights: Redux part of the trailer is teased.
  • When Reaper Spring Bonnie, jumpscares the player in the room, he uses the same jumpscare sound as Reaper Golden Freddy, and the player can hear the sound of chains rattling.
  • When Reaper Spring Bonnie jumpscares the player in the room, he grabs the player, strangles the player, and supposedly bites the player's head or face. In his door jumpscare, he slashes at the player with his sharp fingers.