Shadow Fredbear is one of the two primary antagonists in Final Nights 2: Sins of the Father. Along with Shadow Spring Bonnie and G_BB, he replaces most of the animatronics.

Appearance Edit

A stark contrast with the burnt animatronics in the first 4 nights is that Shadow Fredbear is almost perfectly intact, only burnt black in color, has a few rips in his body, and is missing his right hand. The area around his mouth appears torn, revealing a majority of his endoskeleton teeth. His teeth and eyes glow. (Notable when he appears in the hallway. Also, the right eye seems to float in it's socket.)

Behavior Edit

Shadow Fredbear becomes active in Night 5, along with Shadow Spring-Bonnie and G BB. He replaces Burnt Bonnie,The Brother, and Burnt Chica.

  • Shadow Fredbear may go to the right vent. Seal it to ward him off or else he will jumpscare you.
  • Shadow Fredbear may appear in the hallway. Flash him with your flashlight when he is close. Closing the door or flashing too early will result in a jumpscare.

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Trivia Edit

  • Shadow Fredbear seems to be holding his left hand like he's holding a microphone, even though he seems to be missing it.
  • Shadow Fredbear has half of his right ear missing (the player's left), similar to Nightmare Freddy
  • Shadow Fredbear appears to be a slightly updated version of withered fredbear from the first game
  • The only color that is originally from Fredbear is his Purple Hat.