Shadow Springbonnie is one of the two primary antagonists in Final Nights 2: Sins of the Father. He, along with Shadow Fredbear and G_BB are the final animatronics in the game.


Shadow Springbonnie resembles Springtrap. Similar to Springtrap, he lacks the suit on his feet and has a majority of his right ear missing. Overall, he has rips, but is not missing any limbs or part at all, which is a stark contrast to the Burnt Animatronics in the first four nights. His face glows, which is notable when he is at the hallway.

Oddly, he is more intact than Shadow Fredbear.


Shadow Springbonnie takes the roles of Burnt Freddy, Burnt Foxy, and The Brother in Night 5. Shadow Springbonnie may go to the vent. Seal it off, or the player will be jumpscared. Though, he is very fast in the vent. Sometimes, his head appears within the crate The Brother usually resides in. The player should turn the flashlight on him. He may appear in the hallway. Never use the flashlight, or the player will end up being killed. Inspect his face when he appears there. If he's twitching, close the door. A rattling sound signifies he has gone away.


  • Ironically Shadow Springbonnie resembles Springtrap from FNAF 3.