William Afton is the business partner of Henry Stillwater. Together, they run the Fredbear's restaurant. William is the true identity of the Purple Guy. His family who each possessed an animatronic, are trying to get revenge on William as they have knowledge of his killings.

Appearance Edit

William is a man in what appears to sound like his mid-30's. He wears a plaid purple shirt with black jeans. He has brown buzzcut hair with a heavy beard and glasses. He appears to fit his Silver Eyes description of "fat and affable." He also seems to have some stubble where his beard hasn't fully grown yet.

FN2 Edit

He is the protagonist of this game. If the player completes the good ending, they will witness Shadow Freddy showing the animatronics the room, giving him time to attack in their confusion as they only see a wall. The Brother outdoes him though, scaring him into the room. William puts on the SpringBonnie suit and tries to reason with it, claiming to be the actual animatronic, but ultimately gets spring-locked.

FN3 Edit

He appears in the cutscenes where the protagonist roams his home. Through this, it is implied that he is an alcoholic, as he can be seen in multiple shots of the game holding what appears to be a cocktail glass. This explains his erratic behavior when describing his plans to expand the Fazbear franchise by building under Chica's Party World.

FN4 Edit

He takes on the role of the Phone Guy towards Henry. He speaks through a phone that doubles as a fax machine, giving Henry instructions to avoid the animatronics killing him. In Night 5, he is shown to be more angry towards Henry, and leaves him to die in the establishment. While he gives him a chance, Henry still dies inside Entwined Freadbear and posseses said animatronic. When Max Donovan burns Fazbear Fright, he encounters William while he is Springtrap. Max is killed by William/Springtrap while the establishment is burning down.

Trivia Edit

  • As mentioned earlier, Afton seems to be an alcoholic.
  • He had a daughter called Karen, who ends up in Baby and dies after the suit is scooped.
    • However, in the actual Fnaf series, the daughter’s name was revealed to be Elizabeth.
  • He was the last of the Afton family to die.
  • He engineered the springlock system in the suits.
  • The original bad ending of Final Nights 4 suggests that he would have had psychopathic traits.